Mute Dancer

I am sure that my friends have long tired of my obsession with this one very small creature, but I can’t get over the rarity: As of today, our rufous visitor remains with us. I hadn’t seen him in more than a week, and assumed, as I have erroneously assumed a number of times over these last few months, that he had migrated. So certain I was that I didn’t bother to refill the feeder or ask the neighbors to bring it in at night while we were away for Thanksgiving. And yet there he was on the feeder this morning. So he arrived about 3 weeks earlier than last year, and he’s already stayed 2 weeks past his departure time of last year – surprising to us all. I wonder what exactly is going on in his mind – or body – that keeps him here, whether there’s a chance he may decide to overwinter. I know they are intelligent and able to survive almost unthinkable conditions; their symbolism in native cultures as “resurrection birds” is well earned. But it just seems that he must, must move on soon. How can he not?

In the meantime, I share a lovely article on watching hummingbirds by Diane Ackerman and another of Stan’s wonderful photos. And wait.


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