In Which Patience is Rewarded

Perhaps it is our higher elevation. Perhaps it is just that they were languidly enjoying the warmer climates and didn’t want to leave. Perhaps the journey just took longer than usual. But although they were a full month behind others in the area, this afternoon I looked out at the feeder I’ve been diligently refilling in vain for weeks, and there they were: no fewer than three male ruby-throated hummingbirds. In Pittsburgh, when I would stand at the bus stop at the end of my block each April and see the giant magnolia tree finally in full-pink bloom, or finally see the mated pair of red-tails rebuilding the nest in the ancient oak along the parkway, I’d trust that winter was truly over.

Here my faith is placed in, to borrow a lovely phrase from a current student (thanks BG!), the “smallest of the tiny.”


2 thoughts on “In Which Patience is Rewarded

  1. Yesterday I saw our first hummingbird here in the desert. Everything seems languid and just a bit off schedule. The bats have been swooping in the twilight for days. Usually the bats are a sure and certain sign of summer and now they arrive before the hummingbirds? The harsh icy winter has caused our seasons to tilt and hover uncertainly. I wonder what the summer will bring?

  2. I do wonder how much of this has to do with our changing climate. So much else seems out of balance, doesn't it?

    I have seen a few bats, which as you know makes me very happy. Now just patiently awaiting the return of the fireflies, and summer will feel *real* (though the sudden 90-degree temps hastens the feeling) 🙂

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