For the second year that we’ve been in this house, a pair of European starlings has set up house in the crevice alongside the chimney (this house is full of crevices, hence our Neverending Battle of the Bugs). One of my most vivid memories of the first days with newborn V. exactly a year ago, was the seemingly incessant sound – right next to my head while lying in bed – of many newborn baby birds CHEEPING! for food. At the time, I remember considering the parallels between helpless chicks and the brand-new one I had of my own, how utterly, singularly focused they were on the same exact thing: sustenance. Funny, and sad, how much less dependent my little chick is now, a year later. Her whole world is so much larger now. I used to be the center of it, and now I am simply a (still huge) part of it.

This year, all I can think about is How. Very. Loud. those little creatures are. And how they seem insatiable. And how I wish the nesting birds were something much more interesting and less nuisanc-y than starlings. Like bluebirds.


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