No Cease-Fire Agreement Yet Reached

Ah, so if you thought perhaps that our ongoing WAR with the brown marmorated stinkbugs down here in Radford had finally come to a close, you’d be very, very wrong. According to Google, they’re supposed to have 3-weeks to a month of activity, once they hatch. So with that calendar in mind, we should have been done with these beasts sometime in mid-October. And yet, here we are, months later, and we are still finding those damn things in the house (we didn’t even open a single window most of that time, a fact which pains me greatly, as I crave fresh air). We’re not finding many, but they just still Won’t. Go. Away. Not even with all this cold (cold even for the South, like 20 degrees at night lately). I found one under the baby’s crib the other day, hiding among her extra linens. I can only imagine how many of those things are hibernating – because they don’t actually die in the winter – in our attic. Argh.


One thought on “No Cease-Fire Agreement Yet Reached

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