Nesting Dreams

After the ill-fated and much-failed hummingbird experiment back in Pittsburgh, I haven’t really felt compelled to do much in the way of bird feeding since. Part of it has to do with my ongoing *bird issues* and part of it is that, while I love and admire all animals, birds just don’t really do it for me. But I guess I have never before lived in a place with such an amazing and incredible diversity of birds as there are here. And The Toddler is turning out to be really into birds. So we went and got ourselves a bird feeder – supposedly “squirrel resistant” – and hung it from the maple tree in front yard. We’re not getting too much action yet out there, as it seems more different types of birds hang out in the back yard (we’ll get a feeder out there next, I think). But I’m sitting there on the couch diligently with my Audubon Field Guide to Birds Northeastern Edition, learning how to become a novice bird-watcher. So far, though, I’m not improving much in my birding skills. Maybe it’s my poor eyesight. Or maybe it’s because those things are so twitchy and fast and unpredictable (the source of my “issues” in the first place!), I just can’t ever seem to get a good, close-enough look. But I’m trying. We’re all trying. Z. seems to think that it’s “her” bird book and whenever I take it out, she has to steal it from me and look at the pictures.

Thus far, we have identified:

  • rufous-sided towhee;
  • Carolina chickdee;
  • tufted titmouse;
  • jay;
  • cardinal;
  • common grackle

And of course at other places in town we’ve seen the vultures, both turkey and black. But more on that soon. Radford’s annual “Vulture Day” is fast approaching and this year, we’re definitely going!


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