More Thoughts on Place, Specific Ones

Speaking of nostalgia…

In Googling something yesterday, I ran across a couple of online photo albums of some guys’ trip to Mt. Whitney, a trail which begins where I lived and worked in Sequoia National Park, and continues through the park’s backcountry along the High Sierra Trail. Seeing those photos makes me remember exactly why that place was, is, so amazing to me. Naturally I feel compelled to share (some of the photos are duplicates, but they’re all worth looking at!):

Incidentally, this is the view from the porch of Bearpaw Meadow Camp , where my brother worked for several summers. imagine getting up and being able to look at THAT every morning!

Also incidentally, nearby is Precipice Lake , subject of a slightly-obscure ansel adams photo titled “Frozen Lake and Cliffs, Kaweah Gap” . During many years it never even thaws out enough to see the truly astonishing colors . I have a photo I took of this same lake in 1992 that, not to sound boastful, is way better than the pictures i found on Google!



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