The Rafter Has Lost It’s Tom!

I guess I missed this email from the Chatham campus security on 3/19 (emphasis mine):

“We have had reports that our large male campus turkey has been attacking students and staff (he’s the one with the blue head). Unfortunately, this is turkey mating season and he has become very protective of his territory. We are going to have him relocated at the earliest possible time (hopefully this weekend). In the meantime, please try to avoid him and try not to antagonize him. Usually shouting or firmly hitting him with something will chase him. Also, don’t hesitate to call security if you are afraid to pass. They will run off this feisty feathered criminal for you.

The good news is we finally probably have the name for our coffee shop – The Wild Turkey Café.”

How sad. It sounds like he was head of a pretty big group (called a “rafter,” in case you were curious about the post title; though you can call it a “flock” too I guess, but that’s not nearly as interesting). I wonder to where he’s been *relocated*? I also wonder if turkey relocation efforts are about as useless and ineffective as, say, black bear relocation efforts?


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