Of Place and Words

I just ran across this anthology of Ohio writers that looks really interesting. Looks like it’s a collection of place-based writing, by several people whose other work I admire a great deal (I didn’t realize some of them were from ohio originally – I associate them with other places). I’ll definitely have to pick this one up. Might make a good gift for other Ohio folks too.

J. and Z. also gave me this brand new book about the redwoods that I’m looking forward to reading. Some reader reviews have suggested that Preston focuses too little on environmental issues and too much on the “adventure” aspect of some of the people he profiles, but it still looks really intriguing. Ihen, I shall have to, as J. says, “Get my Appalachia on” in terms of reading about the area to which we’ll be moving.

Oh! and thanks again to L. for sending me those excerpts from that John Daniel book. I’m going to use the “Among Animals” chapter in the nature writing class this summer! I’m having a terrible time planning the nature & environmental writing syllabus. There is just too much to potentially read. Too much that all feels utterly significant to include. It’s a real struggle to choose what to leave out. I want to include everything!


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