Will Not Give In to the Cake

How is it that I could have wasted six complete hours so easily? Effortless and imperceptible. Not spent sharing how I really feel about Joan Didion or reading Tripmaster Monkey. Not spent putting down on paper the words to the examination of landscape and self in Gretel Ehrlich that are cluttering up my head and begging for release. Not spent doing a single work related task. I appear to be on a bender of utter laziness. The current weather (grey, rainy, cold) doesn’t help. A former student once had the awareness to notice this unfortunate quality in me. On the evaluation he wrote: “How the classes went seemed to be tied to the weather. Good weather = good class. Bad weather = bad class.” I’m still not sure what to do with that. Being intuited on my own perception and psychological influences of place and space by an eighteen year old boy I will never see again.


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